Picture This 

Sometimes we just like to post a great picture. This one was taken by Darin Donohue. Darin is a young guy and the sole employee of "Photos by Darin." He mostly shoots family, engagements, weddings and other events in the Juneau area but he clearly has a eye for musical performances! All of the pictures on this site were taken by him. Before Darin our website pictures were taken by family, audience and sometimes FOM band members themselves. Most of which were just okay at best.  We are happy to have stumbled across such a talented photographer. -FOM 

Upcoming Event 

We want to thank all the good folks that came down to McGivney's for the St. Patrick's Day show - what a hoot! We will go down in history as downtown McGivney's first live band! We like to thank Marcie Endicott for organizing the event and Derek Lail for running the sound board (not an easy task for a band like this!). We also like to thank the City of Juneau Pipe band for "crawling" through and making the night even more special. 

We have an event coming up that might appeal to folks that are not comfortable with the bar scene. We were asked to play a fundraiser at Aldersgate Methodist church the evening of April 15th. This will be a simple affair with a bake sale and a silent auction. We plan to weave in between announcements and other special events, playing roughly two sets. Doors open at 6:30. The event starts at 7:00. All proceeds from the event go to the Cooperative Youth Group's mission to Costa Rica It would be great to see some of our fans there! -FOM

Fire on McGinnis To Open For The Young Dubliners 

Cyndi Isaak from Suite 907 recently contacted us with an amazing offer. She wants us to open for the Young Dubliners! The Young Dubliners are arguably one of the best Celtic rock bands in America and we are more than honored to share a stage with them. The show is Thursday, February 18th. Doors open at 7 pm. General admission and VIP tickets available at Heatthside Books, The JAHC, McGivney's, Suite 907, Stubhub and Alaska Music One. See you there! -FOM

Fire on McGinnis plays McGivney's 

We know. November in Juneau can be pretty rough (rainy city scenes from "Bladerunner" come to mind!), why not get out and join us for a little November celebration at McGivney's? The band has been busy sorting out some new material including a song that you would never expect a band like us to play! In other news the band has been recording drum tracks for a future EP. As some people know and most others can imagine recording is always difficult and getting that "right take" can be elusive so, these things take time. We love to perform at McGivney's. It's really the best place to see us as it's an intimate setting and the sound is pretty good. Hope to see you there! -FOM

Pre Solstice Party at McGivney's 

We love McGivney's Sports Bar and Grill and we are always excited when we are asked to perform there. It's the only bar in Juneau that combines great food and beer with an inviting  "Irish Pub" theme. It's also a sports bar with lots of ways to catch on what's going on with your team.  It's quickly becoming the Juneau's premiere place to preform and hosts many local and Alaskan artists. McGivney's also host one of the best open mic nights on Tuesday evenings.  We go on Friday night, June 19th  at approximately 10 pm depending on how quickly we can get set up! Fire on McGinnis has no more shows lined up for the summer so don't miss out. Come join us for a pint and some Alaska flavored Celtic rock!

St. Patrick's Day at McGivney's 

We had a lot of great offers to play St. Patrick's Day this year ( and thank you all!) but we chose to play McGivney's. McGivney's has a great atmosphere with an "Irish Pub" theme. If you haven't been to McGivney's yet the place really has a nice feel and a rockin' menu!
Show starts at or around 7 pm and goes to about 10 pm. We know, it's a short night but most of have to be cheery at work the next day!  We plan on having special guests. Some members of The City of Juneau bagpipe marching band are going to join us for a few tunes. It's rare for us to have a special guests so we are pretty excited about this. Come join us for a pint and a toast to St. Patrick!

Thank You BaconFest! 

It's rare  that we see an opportunity like this. Many great Juneau bands have been chosen to play this gig and we are honored to be one of them. If you missed the Baconfest you definitely need to check it out next year ( and get your tickets early - this one sells out!). We like to thank the Juneau Valley Rotary for inviting us and providing such a lovely stage to perform on. 

The Sitzmark Rocks! 

FOM has played at many venues. Pubs, stages, big and small, and once under a staircase bannister behind a hot tub so it means a lot when we say that the Sitzmark was the best place we have ever played! The Sitzmark is owned by the Alyeska ski resort in Girdwood, Alaska. Not a big deal to get there, it's about a 40 minute drive from the Anchorage airport (assuming the roads are good!) and the trip along Turnagain arm is quite scenic. The Anchorage area had a significant snowstorm the night before so the Alyeska limo service was a tad on the tardy side but other than that, our treatment by the Alyeska hotel staff was exceptional. They even threw in an extra room for our troubles. 
It's a fast shuttle ride to the Sitzmark Bar and Grill and even faster to ski there from the resort itself. The stage is smallish but well organized and the sound crew, Darron and Jonas helped us settle in nicely. 
In the daylight the Sitzmark is nice place. It's basically a ski-in, ski-out lodge at the base of Alyeska ski resort. It's open, spacious, good food and ton's of beer on tap. At night the place completely transforms however. The Sitzmark ceiling, hardly noted during the day becomes an incredible work of art at night! Trippy spirals, shapes and stars.You feel like you are either under the sea or floating in space depending on what kind of trip you're on. The psychedelic  ceiling, combined with the laser lighted show made for quite an event.
St. Patrick's day fell on a Monday this year so the crowd was a little smeared out from a tough weekend. Oddly the bar rebounded when Mike started playing  "Amazing Grace" on pipes.  Suddenly we had a sing-a-long followed by a sea of freak dancing to our rocked out brand of traditional music.
We like to thank Skip Lichter for inviting us and sorting out the needed details. Also, we want to thank Ben Napolitano for covering the graphics and postering. And lastly, cheers to the Alyeska staff and limo service that made our short stay in Girdwood so great! -FOM

McGivney's - Thank you! Sitzmark soon 

Thank you all for coming to our first ever show at McGivney's. A big thanks to the owners and especially Sam Thirlwall for organizing the show. Also, we wouldn't have pulled this off if it wasn't for Clint Davis on sound. The stage area was tight at McGivney's. Clint had to make do by setting up the soundboard on top of several empty beer kegs! Yes, we admit it, Fire on McGinnis is not  the easiest nor the smallest band to quickly set up in a pub but we did it. The only casualty of the night was Mike's bagpipes. During the rushed setup he accidentally stepped on and snapped one of the pipes in two - yikes! Thank the maker for the modern miracle of electrical tape! We don't know what the future is of his pipes but we hope he can find a replacement set for the St. Patrick's day show. Speaking of, we are soon off to what will be our biggest show of the year. The Sitzmark at the Alyeska Ski resort. The Sitzmark asked us to play a few years ago but we made more promises than we could keep and simply couldn't make it. Well, there's no conflicts this year and we are all very excited about this. There will be prizes and give-aways all night including custom Jameson Whiskey Ski jackets. We don't know what to expect but we are certain it will be fun. Thanks for sticking around! -FOM

McGivney's Show Announced 

FOM is pleased to announce our first show of the year and our first show at McGivney's. FOM has been busy learning new songs and even dusting off some "classic FOM" material that we haven't played for years so this will be fun! This show is a run up to the big show at Alyeska on St. Patrick's day.  McGivney's is a new Irish themed sports bar in Juneau with a terrific bar menu and the best french fries in town. We've been working with the new manager, Sam Thirwall, to get this show lined up for some time. McGivney's has made a serious investment in sound equipment and has quickly become "the place" to see a live band in Juneau, come join us! -fom

Previous events

Fire on McGinnis

 —  —

McGivney's Downtown, 51 Egan Drive, Juneau

Join at McGivney's new downtown location, street level at the Goldbelt Hotel. Formerly known as the Zen restaurant. Not a night owl? This is a good show for you since we start around 7 pm and only go to 10 or so. See you there! -FOM

Young Dubliners with special guests Fire on McGinnis

Suite 907, 9121 Glacier Highway , Juneau

Opening for the Young Dubliners! General admission and VIP tickets are now available at the JAHC, Hearthside books, McGivney's, Suite 907, Alaska Music One or click on the link below.

Fire on McGinnis at the Alaska Folk fest

Juneau Arts and Culture Center - The JACC, 350 Whittier St, Juneau

Join us at the Alaska State Folk festival. We are playing a dance slot. Friday night, 11:10 pm at the JACC. Other guests include: The C-Notes ( Rockabilly) Byron Berline Band (Western swing) Kari and the Wristrockets (Blues and rock)

Age limit: All ages


Centennial Hall , 101 Egan Drive, Juneau, Alaska

Join us at the 3rd annual Baconfest! The event starts at 6 pm. FOM will be playing on and off throughout the night. Come enjoy some delicious bacon recipes, a beer and some Celtic rock!

Sold Out! Age limit: 21+

Fire on McGinnis

Sitzmark at Alyeska, Girdwood

Join us St. Patrick’s Day at the Sitzmark as we welcome Fire on McGinnis for a night of Irish rock! Odom corp will be on hand with Jameson branded ski jackets given away every hour and a grand prize of 80,000 Alaska Airline miles given away at 2 a.m. But you have to be present to win!

Free Age limit: 21+

Fire on McGinnis

McGivney's, Juneau, AK

Our first time playing at McGivney's! Join us for a night of our special mix of rock, celtic and pumped up Irish folk

free Age limit: 21+




15.00 Age limit: All ages

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  • Kenneth Calson

    Kenneth Calson Delta, Canada

    A bit heavy on the electric guitar, but very nice.

    A bit heavy on the electric guitar, but very nice.

  • Michael "Pops" McGee

    Michael "Pops" McGee Phoenix, AZ

    Enjoying Foggy Dew! Slainte Lads!! Teann aon duine ocras!

    Enjoying Foggy Dew! Slainte Lads!! Teann aon duine ocras!

  • Rob Teel

    Rob Teel United States

    Get out of alaska, you guys rok!

    Get out of alaska, you guys rok!

  • Robert

    Robert Zagreb, Coratia

    I Liake r Rytham of "Foogy Dew",Than Voice....Perfect...Litl less gutar solo more Flout...Punkie pl.Dog from CROATA ”

    I Liake r Rytham of "Foogy Dew",Than Voice....Perfect...Litl less gutar solo more Flout...Punkie pl.Dog from CROATA ”

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