St. Patrick's Mayhem!

Thank you all for coming out on a cold and snowy Friday night for some St. Patrick's day cheer! We apologize to the folks that were turned away at the door - the place was packed! Our thanks go out to the owners of McGivney's and Marcie Endicott for helping us organize the event. Big thanks go to Keith Giles and Alaska One for providing some of the sound system components and course the best sound engineer in Juneau. It would have been very hard to pull this off on our own! The show went well. Mike (our piper) seemed to be in good form running around the bar ( and on the bar!) playing huge bagpipe solos. The City of Juneau Pipe Band stopped by and entertained us with several traditional bagpipe tunes and some Celtic dancing.  The biggest "clunk" of the evening happened when Martha dropped her guitar during the instrument change in "Owl's Hoot/ Hit Em' Up Style." That caused quite a racket but I think we recovered.
No immediate plans for the next show so check back here or on our Facebook page for an upcoming event!

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