McGivney's - Thank you! Sitzmark soon

Thank you all for coming to our first ever show at McGivney's. A big thanks to the owners and especially Sam Thirlwall for organizing the show. Also, we wouldn't have pulled this off if it wasn't for Clint Davis on sound. The stage area was tight at McGivney's. Clint had to make do by setting up the soundboard on top of several empty beer kegs! Yes, we admit it, Fire on McGinnis is not  the easiest nor the smallest band to quickly set up in a pub but we did it. The only casualty of the night was Mike's bagpipes. During the rushed setup he accidentally stepped on and snapped one of the pipes in two - yikes! Thank the maker for the modern miracle of electrical tape! We don't know what the future is of his pipes but we hope he can find a replacement set for the St. Patrick's day show. Speaking of, we are soon off to what will be our biggest show of the year. The Sitzmark at the Alyeska Ski resort. The Sitzmark asked us to play a few years ago but we made more promises than we could keep and simply couldn't make it. Well, there's no conflicts this year and we are all very excited about this. There will be prizes and give-aways all night including custom Jameson Whiskey Ski jackets. We don't know what to expect but we are certain it will be fun. Thanks for sticking around! -FOM

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