Free "Live Rehearsal" at Northern Light United Church 

We do this once in a while, set up at NLUC and play free for anyone that wants to come! We call it a "live rehearsal" so, there may be boo-boo's (things only musicians notice anyway!), stops, re-starts and more chit chat with the audience and banter between band members than a normal show. It's fun and it's free. Come join us!

Pier 49 - What a Night - Thank You! 

From snowstorms to avalanches to the dark of night, Fire on McGinnis historically has not been lucky with shows and weather. Pier 49 was an exception. Nice, sunny warm evening with light winds at Juneau’s newest semi outdoor eatery, Pier 49. We had a great time playing to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Our thanks to Pier 49 and Charlie Harrington for organizing the event and to Molly Tankersley for taking all the great photos (including the “money shot” of Mike piping on the tables!). Also, huge kudos go to Keith Giles, Clint Davis and the boys from Alaska One for providing the sound equipment and sound engineering for the show. Alaska One has always played a key role in the development of Fire on McGinnis and has been there from the start. 

The band took a little break from summer vacations but is back on a regular practice schedule. We are having fun taking a stab at a few new tunes. We all love The Police and have been thinking about how to combine a “Message in a bottle” with an Irish folk tune. We think we found an answer so, stay tuned for that! We also love a Dropkick Murphy’s song called “Rose Tattoo.” Of course, no can rock “Rose Tattoo” like the Dropkick Murphy’s but we like to challenge ourselves and it’s such a sing-a-long kind of song! 

 Cheers for now! -FOM

Hangar on the Wharf... 

Sorry folks, the performance at the Hangar Ballroom on Oct. 13th is off. It was to be a fundraiser to help people buy eyeglasses who otherwise can't afford them. As the band we don't always know why things fall through and we do know that a lot of people were looking forward to this so, for that, we are sorry. Check back here for new shows however and we are going to try to do this next year! -FOM

Fire on McGinnis - Hot Cider - Live Rehearsal Show 

We haven't played publicly very much in 2017 and we know that a lot of our Juneau fans can't stay up late or want to go to a bar to see us.  
On December 16th we are going to do a "live rehearsal" at the Northern Lights United Church, 400 W. 11th Street. At approximately 7 pm. It's a free show and hot apple cider will be served! 
A live rehearsal really just means we are inviting people to a practice. It's casual with banter from the band and the audience should feel free to interact with us. We have some new songs we have been rehearsing but have never played publicly so this is your chance to see what we have been up to! We will have a sound system but no sound engineer. We did this once before and it was a lot of fun. Come join us! -FOM

Block Party! 

Thank you all for joining us at the "Rock Around the Block Party." We all agreed that this was a really great gig that came off extremely well. We would like to thank Amanda Filori, Meghan Chambers, MC Eric Scott and Nancy DeCherney from the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council for making the event happen. We also would like to thank Erik Chadwell from Studio A for making us sound good! -FOM

Rock Around the Block Party - June 23rd  

As part of JAHC's "Rock Around the Block Party" series, we will be performing at the Pivot Plaza from 5-7 on June 23rd. What is the Pivot Plaza? It's the name for the plaza in front of the new State Libraries, Archives and Museums (SLAM!) building. Located downtown, 395 Whitter St near the KTOO building. 
In case of rain the show will be moved to the JACC building. There will also be a public market going on so come on down! -FOM

St. Patrick's Mayhem! 

Thank you all for coming out on a cold and snowy Friday night for some St. Patrick's day cheer! We apologize to the folks that were turned away at the door - the place was packed! Our thanks go out to the owners of McGivney's and Marcie Endicott for helping us organize the event. Big thanks go to Keith Giles and Alaska One for providing some of the sound system components and course the best sound engineer in Juneau. It would have been very hard to pull this off on our own! The show went well. Mike (our piper) seemed to be in good form running around the bar ( and on the bar!) playing huge bagpipe solos. The City of Juneau Pipe Band stopped by and entertained us with several traditional bagpipe tunes and some Celtic dancing.  The biggest "clunk" of the evening happened when Martha dropped her guitar during the instrument change in "Owl's Hoot/ Hit Em' Up Style." That caused quite a racket but I think we recovered.
No immediate plans for the next show so check back here or on our Facebook page for an upcoming event!

St. Patrick's Day Party! 

We had a lot of offers to play again this year ( and in fact, the offers are still coming in! ) but really the best one for us is to play McGivney's Sports Bar & Grill at their valley location. We like it there and they treat us good. We start at around 9 pm and go as long as there's people there to listen! Food, yes. Green beers, of course!
We like to thank the owners of McGivney's for having us and Marcie Endicott for helping us coordinate the event!
This just in: The City of Juneau Bagpipe band will be swinging through during the course of the evening as part of their annual "pub crawl." Expect them to show up 9:45 to 10:30 ish for some full on bagpiping! -FOM

A Celtic Yuletide Ball - Skagway, Alaska 

Join Fire on McGinnis in Skagway Alaska for the annual Christmas ball. The event is being held on the evening of December 17th. More information below:

Celebrate the season at Skagway's Celtic Yuletide Ball! 
Join us for a holiday dinner, music & cheer! 

Advance tickets are available at the Skagway Recreation Center. (907) 983-2679. 

~New for 2016~ 

~Fire on McGinnis, Juneau's own Celtic Rock Band! 

~Dessert Battle Fundraiser for School Climate Change Group. 
Students will serve as wait staff during the ball. There is a tip envelope on each table. Whichever table raises the most money for the kids gets first pick from the amazing dessert selection!... 

~ VIP Tables 
Skip waiting in the buffet line! VIP tables seat 10 and include table service & 2 bottles of Prosecco! 

~Schedule of Events~ 
6:30 pm - Doors open, Cash Bar Opens, Appetizers served. 
6:45 pm - Dessert Battle begins! 
8 pm - Helen B Clark Award, Yuletide Contest Awards 
8:30 - Dance to live music with Fire on McGinnis! 

$20 Advance purchase ($25 at the door) 
$15 Children under 12 ($20 at the door) 
Children under 1 year Free 
$15 Dance Admission after 9 pm 
$380 VIP Tables 
( Seats 10 - Includes table service & 2 bottles of Prosecco) 

**No Credit Cards for Cash Bar or Dessert Battle ~ CASH ONLY**

Fire on McGinnis

Northern Light United Church, 400 W 11th St., Juneau

We do this once in a while, set up at NLUC and play free for anyone that wants to come! We call it a "live rehearsal" so, there may be boo-boo's (things only musicians notice anyway!), stops, re-starts and more chit chat with the audience and banter between band members than a normal show. It's fun and it's free. Come join us!